The Service, Repairs, & Performance
Upgrades Your VW Deserves!

VW Service & Mechanic in Atlanta

  • best car mechanics


  • genuine car parts


  • ethical auto service


  • best car mechanics


  • genuine car parts


  • ethical auto service


The Service, Repairs, & Performance
Upgrades Your VW Deserves!

VW Service & Mechanic in Atlanta
  • best car mechanics


  • genuine car parts


  • ethical auto service


As VW fanatics ourselves, we get it

We understand the pride you take in your VW - keeping it in top performance shape, adding custom upgrades, and maintaining that smooth, powerful ride.

We offer a full line of standard and performance auto services and maintenance for VWs in Atlanta, including performance upgrades and custom Volkswagen services.

Experience the best VW services in Atlanta and the car community you always wanted!

“I brought my 2017 VW Golf in for a simple alignment and the team did a great job.  I really like the space they are in and the process they use for customer relationship management including text messages of your car’s status.  I also appreciate the social events the team puts on.”

- Stephen

Why have Autohaus Social
Service Your VW?

  • Confident Mechanic Holding Wrench At Garage

    A-level Technicians

    Your car is in good hands - all our technicians are A-level certified.

  • various car parts

    OEM or Better Parts

    Have peace of mind knowing we only use OEM (official & genuine) or better parts.

  • auto service manager checking car engine

    State-of-the-art Service

    Our shop is equipped with the latest and best in tools, equipment, and technology.

  • Image of young multiethnic couple man and woman smiling while riding in convertible car by seaside at sunset

    European Car Community

    Our lounge and amenities allow you to find and interact with other car enthusiasts in the Atlanta area.

Having a Smooth Ride is Easy

  • 1

    Request An Appointment

    Tell us about your VW and the work that needs to be done.

  • 2

    Bring In Your VW

    Drop off your car on the day and time it is scheduled.

  • 3

    We Do The Work

     Our portal allows you to follow the technician’s work on your VW in real-time.

  • 4

    Love Your Ride!

     Have peace of mind knowing your VW is operating the way it should.

Say Goodbye To...

  • Carbon build-up

    in the direct injection fuel system

  • Check engine lights

    and misfires

  • Brake Noise

    and vibrations

  • Tire Cupping

    and suspension issues

Say Hello To...

  • A Smoother Ride

  • A longer-lasting car

  • Eliminating issues

    before they cause damage

  • Fewer system errors

    and issues

  • A powerful engine

    for years to come

“Never trusted or recommended mechanics my entire life until this place opened up around the corner.  Great people; honest and they know what they’re doing.  Thanks Autohaus - my old girl is purring better than ever.”

- Lars

“The whole crew is good people.  They treated my VW GTI with so much love and even washed him.  My car has never sounded better!  Very highly recommend coming to these guys for anything you may need!”  

- Dani

“Just what I was looking for, a great local family-owned European auto repair shop where they treat you like you are long time friends.  So glad to have found you guys!  You got my VW TDI running like a champ again!  Thanks.”

- Kevin

Questions on the VW Services We Provide?

Read our FAQ’s below!

How often should I change the oil in my VW?

Many manufacturers have increased the oil change intervals in recent years, but for long-term care of your car we suggest performing a VW oil change at the following intervals:

  • For VWs under 70,000 miles, change the oil every 7500 miles.
  • For VWs over 70,000 miles, change the oil every 5000 miles.
  • For performance VW models, we suggest an oil change every 5000 miles regardless of the mileage due to the rigorous demands of a performance engine.
What type of oil should I use in my VW?

There are two specifications that you need to consider when buying or adding oil to your VW:  The weight of the oil and the specific Add Pack.

  • Oil weight:  This maintains the proper crankcase pressure, and needs to be correct for the car (such as a 5w40 or 5w30 synthetic oil).
  • Add Pack:  This is the designated amount of chemicals in the oil to improve the oil's and engine's long-term performance.  Add packs can include corrosion inhibitors, detergent additives, anti-oxidation additives, etc.  The Add Pack designation should be clearly marked on the oil container and bottle.
  • For proper maintenance, never use old oil in your Volkswagon!  
What type of gas should I use in my VW?

Most vehicles have the minimum octane rating on the gas cap or on a decal inside the fuel door.

However, for any European vehicle, it is advised to use higher octanes or premium fuel (91 or 93). 

Using a higher or premium octane burns cleaner and more efficient.  While this costs a little more at the pump, it is well worth the added cost to maintain your VW's long-term performance.  

Does it matter where I buy my fuel?

Yes, it does.  Along with the higher octane fuel needed to help maintain a Volkswagon's performance, it is also important to purchase good fuel.

Here are several best practices for buying gas:

  • Buy fuel from a busier station.  The longer fuel sits in the underground tank, the more debris is likely to build up in the fuel and compromise the fuel's chemical makeup.
  • Purchase only "top tier" fuel.  Stations with top tier gasoline will usually have a decal at the gas pump, or you can search online.
  • Do your research before buying from retail giants with fuel stations (Walmart, Kroger, etc.).  These stores vary in the quality of their fuel, so make sure they have quality fuel before purchasing from their locations. 
If my VW is still under warranty, does the dealer have to service it?

No!  Under the "Right To Repair Act," it is illegal for a dealer or manufacturer to require that service be performed at the dealer unless it is a safety recall.

In terms of basic VW service and maintenance, as long as the required fluids and procedures are followed, an independent VW service center can service your VW without the risk of causing warranty issues. 

Why should I have a regular maintenance plan for my VW?

All fluids and parts eventually break down over time and prolonged use.  Many large problems can be avoided by keeping a proper maintenance schedule.

It's actually pretty simple - the better you take care of your VW, the longer it lasts!

Here is what we recommend at Autohaus Social for regular Volkswagon service:

  • Oil changes every 5000-7500 miles.
  • Brake fluid changed every 3 years or 30,000 miles.
  • Coolant exchange or flush every 40,000 miles.
  • Tires rotated at every service.

If you are unsure what the best service plan is for your VW, check your owner's manual or give us a call.  As your local VW service center in Atlanta, we would love to help you!

Can I keep driving my VW if the "Check Engine" light is on?

You probably can continue driving, but you probably shouldn't.

The "Check Engine" light is a warning about one out of thousands of potential issues in your VW.  Even if the issue is minor, the longer you drive with the issue the more it has potential to become a bigger problem.

If the issue is physical, then you need to service your Volkswagon immediately.

If the "Check Engine" light flashes, then shut off your VW and have it towed.

In newer vehicles, if the issue is critical, they will sometimes go into a "limp mode."  This restricts the VW's driveability, shuts off nonessential systems (such as air conditioning or the traction control system), and often puts a cap on the speed you can drive.

Your Local Atlanta VW Service Center

We know you want to keep your Volkswagen running at top performance.

It doesn't matter the model or age, you want your VW to run smoothly and be a car you can be proud of!

We are your local service center for VW cars.  We offer a full line of skilled service - from basic engine maintenance to performance upgrades.

Our mission is simple:  We take pride in our skills and our passion for both cars and community, and we strive to provide an environment where VW service, performance, and lifestyle come together.

By using the latest technology, the best parts, and skilled technicians, we make your VW something that you will love driving for years to come!

Visit us today at Autohaus Social - your local auto repair shop in Atlanta!

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